The team at Rainbows are amazing! The love, care and help they provided to Sophie-Hélène was second to none, and the support they offered to myself and the rest of our family made such a difference to our lives. I can’t thank them enough.


About Rainbows

Based in Loughborough, Rainbows are the East Midlands only hospice for children and young people. They offer a place where life limited children and their families can find care and support. Their incredible team of people help relieve symptoms, improve quality of life, care for children at the end of life and support parents and siblings through their bereavement.


taking the pain away

One thing I will always be grateful for is the way the team at Rainbows dealt with Sophie-Hélène’s pain relief. They continually monitored her medication to ensure it was working at its optimum, and were always on hand to get Sophie-Hélène whatever she wanted or needed.

Rainbows - Multi Sensory Room.jpg

Providing stimulation

The Sensory Room at Rainbows was a great place to take Sophie-Hélène when she was awake and active, and she always enjoyed the sensory baths in the pool there too.


Getting creative

Sophie-Hélène loved to make glitter paintings at Rainbows, I have lots of beautiful, glittery creations, and will be donating one to the auction being held at the ball - a very special prize indeed!

Rainbows - music therapy.jpg

Music therapy

Sophie-Hélène loved music and the music therapist at Rainbows would come and sing to Sophie-Hélène as she rested - memories I will treasure forever.

with thanks

The team at rainbows are an inspiration, and they were all so fond of Sophie-Hélène. They brought light through some of our darkest times, and I honestly can’t thank them enough for the love and care they provided to my little girl - thank you all!

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